Welcome to my Metazoic site! This site discusses the existence of the creatures to come along after humans will be extinct. I first became interested in a world after man when I acquired my first copy of Dougal Dixon's After Man: A Zoology of the Future in 1992. However, I unwittingly created creatures that did not exist from the time I was about 8 years old. But it was after I obtained a copy of that book (now a collector's item) that I decided to take these same creatures I created as a child and make them more realistic in an evolutionary sense. Though it may be hard for a lot of us to grasp, humans will soon become extinct. One of the biggest factors of how this will happen is the current overpopulation rate. Which is why I don't contribute to the population. I created this world with little more than mammals fulfilling all ecological niches with the help of some friends. I even gave the era of the age after man a name, I called it the Metazoic, derived from the words for "After-era" (Meta, meaning after, and zoic meaning era). We are now in the Cenozoic era. To view all the animals I have created since I began this project, you can go to the "Meet the Mammals" section of this site. To discuss your own ideas about what you think will happen in the future world, and share your ideas with others, please feel free to leave a comment.
One more thing, some of you may find this site quite offensive, and you have a right to your own opinion. But please respect my right to have an opinion too. I'm not saying there is no GOD, I believe it was HIM who got the ball rolling. But I believe after that, evolution took over. There is so much more evidence of evolution than there is of creation. Even that going on right under our noses. Other than that, enjoy yourself and visit our many links.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Uncle Martin and The Gang New Facebook Group

We welcome anyone who can contribute to our movies, tv shows, books, etc, to our group. Whether you are a story-writer, or you'd like to take your chances behind a camera and act in one of our movies, come in and take a seat and discuss your talent you'd like to contribute with our writers. We are also welcoming sponsors and investors.

Go to www.umgproductions.com to view our website

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Saturday, June 11, 2022

we need recruit members for metazoic and creatures submissions

​anyone who interested in this offer please contact us 


UMG productions


Friday, June 10, 2022


This is group about Prehistoric Life: Dinosaurus, Pterosaurus, Sea Septiles (e.g. Ichtyosaurs, Plesiosaurs,Mosasaurs), Synapsides, Extinct Mammals, e.t.c.. In this group we published Memes, Sceleton, Muscules and Life Reconstructions of Prehistoric and Extinct Animals, discuss and we add Current Informations about new discoveries on a regular basis and publish amazing Paleoarts.



This is related group to this group:


this is vampire blood this is vampire blood marine iguanas 

Warning! This is ,,Movie Studio'' which is working on the production of movies and series about the evolution of mammals at different stages in the history of our planet. There are also published various paleoarts about prehistoric mammals and their evolution. Here, the site information on the history of mankind and the order to which we belong are also included. We invite you to join the group to support the production of our series.


Thank you for reading this message, my name is Zachery Moss.

Here is a link to the site


I hope many of you get interested and like to join.this Prouductions company or team going to aim work on other stuffs too that not related to history or evolution also this include different genres .