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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Future of Cryptid Beasts?

I thought this would be an interesting discussion. We know there are creatures running around in the World today that science has not been able to identify, like the chupacabra and sasquatch. What if these creatures were to actually survive the next extinction event? Even though we know nothing about their lifestyles, what if judging from what we do know, they did happen to survive? What do we think they would evolve into? Well, look at this pic of what someone believes a chupacabra looks like:

Here is a video I found of someone who claims they saw a creature in Texas that resembles drawings made of a chupacabra. One thing about this creature, it's muzzle is a lot longer than that of any living canid species!!

If that really is a video of the chupacabra, what could happen to it in future evolution? Most hopping mammals have longer, thicker tails, so it would seem this creature would develop a long, kangaroo-like tail, as many people have reported chupacabras "hop" onto their prey. Next the claws. In order to grasp their prey in such a way that would virtually immobilize it, they would either have to develop retractable claws, like a cat, or longer fingers. Anything to wrap around a struggling prey animal to make it easier to deliver the final bite. Next the sucking of body juices typically seen in chupacabra "prey". In order for an animal to do this effectively, the saliva should be more like the venom of a spider, that liquefies the prey's insides. Then like spiders, they need hollow fangs that act like straws to suck out the dissolved juices. But can a mammal actually develop this feature? Remember mammals are born with baby teeth, which shed at a certain age to become adult teeth. After that, they are irreplaceable in all but rodents. If the chupacabra has not already developed these features, maybe this is the blueprint for the future of this species.

What about Sasquatch? We typically know them as Bigfoot. Since this species lives in cold climates it is no wonder they have developed long fur and tower at 8 feet tall! For the future of this species? Well, I might suggest a much thicker and more intense coat, covering even the face. Maybe larger, snowshoe-like flat feet for getting around in the snow. I would guess they are herbivorous like most large apes, so maybe taller to reach higher branches of trees for leaves and fruit. If not make them smaller and lighter-boned to be able to climb the trees for such morsels and give the feet monkey-like gripping ability.

Anyone want to find out more info about bigfoot, aka sasquatch, visit the researcher's site at http://www.bfro.net/. These are just my opinions of what would occur if these creatures do make it into the future world. Maybe it could happen, maybe it couldn't. But it's worth thinking about.


Anonymous said...

out of all the mythical, blood sucking creatures out there, the Chupacabra is almost certainly the sneakiest

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Have you ever encountered one? If so, please tell your story of what it was like. I enjoy hearing stories of the unknown and unusual.

Metalraptor said...

Four words for sasquatch descendants: New World great apes.