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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

SE Forum Getting on My NERVES!!!

I should have left!! I'd been considering it, and now I realize I should have done it. Face it, I said it before and I'll say it again, forums SUCK!!!!! Now the forum's owner is starting to act like Adolph Hitler!! I remember this happened on the Switchboard, Vicki took on the same personality. Today's altercation was about bipedal mammals walking like dinosaurs. I think it's not too far-fetched. Humans learned to walk putting one foot in front of the other, from animals that were almost completely quadrupeds. Dinosaurs learned to do it from animals whose hips were built like frogs and lizards. No lizards today are bipeds at all. Some can run on their hind legs in short bursts, but that's it. I have my opinions, and I think that way for a reason. I stand by what I say and it seems everyone hates that!!! Well, I told him he can kiss my ass and left! I don't have to take that shit from a guy who believes squids will take over the land!! And this isn't the first time that's happened. He's cussed me out before because of my opinions. He was once on my forum and I never remember cussing him out! In fact, I always treated him like an equal, even if I didn't share a lot of his beliefs!! I don't care that he doesn't believe me, I just don't like how he debates. He gets ugly! Too ugly. And it makes no sense for me to take that from someone who believes land-dwelling, tree-swinging squids are more feasible than theropod-like mammals. Uh-uh!

Actually the past month, I haven't been going in there much. But not because of the owner's attitude. I just haven't had much time. I always did like this guy (he calls himself Proletarian now, he's changed his name several times), before he got his own forum he seemed like a nice guy. But my attitude towards him is beginning to change. I don't like Hitler, and I don't like those who act like him. I tell you, a person should not be allowed to administrate a forum unless they are mature and unbiased. Not everyone is like me, let's face it. I can debate without getting too ugly. At least I never cussed anyone out. Well, I do on here, in fun. But believing things like monkey-like squids is too ridiculous. But notice I never attacked any one person in particular!!

Well, I don't know if I will be going back, I don't think so. I've given much contact info on there, they know where to find me if they want to contact me. Those people can believe whatever they want now for all I care. I'm through. No more forums for me! I wish the rest of those people luck, because their administrator needs to grow up. Until he can learn to debate in a mature manner, I'm staying away from him. I don't need people like that in my life. Well, heck. He's a cat-lover, and he acts just like all the rest of the cat-people I've ever met. One of the big reasons why I don't like felines. But I do have my opinions, and I stand by what I say. I don't believe any of my ideas are that far-fetched. In fact, I've learned this past year that a lot of my ideas are not as unscientific as everyone else has said they are. So this is why I have stuck with a lot of my ideas. Well, I am not worried at all. I don't think they will miss me at all on there. I know enough about people to know that I was not one of the favored members on that forum at all. Look at the post commemorating my project as "Project of the Month", only one person took notice besides Proletarian and me. But it's like one of those "oh well" moments. You cannot please everyone all the time.


Anonymous said...

I am Canis Lupis on the SE forums.

First, I'd like to thank you for linking to my project "The Future is Bizarre".

Second, I agree that land dwelling squids are impossible the way TFIW predicted them. But maybe in 300 million years, some terrasquid will evolve. But I don't want to argu about terrasquids right now (PM me at SE if you want to debate it).

Third, I miss you. Though I may not have shown it, I always liked your different view of things. Better than the same old same old that those other guys have. My favorite members on that forum (in no particular order): Black_Panther (he's my partner on TFIB), Cynovolans (he critiques like Proletarian does, but he does it in a nice way), Sliver Slave (he's nice about pretty much everything. They should make him an admin), Nemo Ramjet (who doesn't like him), Yellowdrakex (she has different (sometimes crazy views) but she adds variety), and you (same reason as I like Yellowdrakex. But you hold fast to your beliefs, which is what I like to see). What they don't realize on that forum is that two things go into evolution: time and need. If a creature is given enough time, they may develop something. If a creature is given a need to evolve something, they may evolve something. It all depends on how long does your creature have to evolve and why does it need to evolve.

But bipedal kangaroos (in some form) are possible. Ones that still have their backlegs like they do now, sure! But ones that have changed their back legs to be more stiff-legged and human like, maybe not. But you never know; evolution has done stranger.

But what I'm trying to say is: come back. I'll try to talk to Proletarian for you. He and I had a little clash a while back (about Obama), so I have a vague idea how to handle him. And if you still hate him, just ignore him.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Hi CL. I don't hate Proletarian...yet, I just hate his method of debating. He needs to grow up. He needs to learn to stop cussing people out and belittling them just because they don't agree with him. He was never like that on my forum. Not that I knew of! Unfortunately, there is no way to ignore the admins, so taking that step would be difficult. So, until Proletarian has learned to control his temper, or has matured, I shall stay away. I'm sorry CL. But you are always welcome to speak to me on here.

I don't believe in terrestrial squids because squids were not made for the land, unlike fish who do have solid bone-structures. In order for any squids to come to land, they would have to go through an even more dramatic change in their internal structures than what Proletarian thinks mammals would have to go through to walk rather than hop. It just won't happen. I cannot even see it happening 300 million years from now. Squids are not that adaptable. Check out my blogpost about jumbo squids.

Anonymous said...

There is also one group to debate... It is http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/philosphica-dixonia/
created by Tim Morris (I hope you remember him, he's from Australia). I also look this group, but there are too few real members to discuss. You may go there and we'll discuss various things.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Nah, sorry Paul. I am totally through with forums, except my own. I'll just stick it out here.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I must correct my references page...

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

What's the link? I don't think I've seen your reference page yet. Is it in English?

Anonymous said...

Oh, no... It's in Russian. But I had not check references for a long time. Some forums are dead, and I must correct links and add new ones (including this blog).

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Oh. You should put it in English as well, like you did your home page and your species pages and all.

Anonymous said...

Hello Timgal.

I think part of the reason why the concept of bipedal mammal with a dinosauromorphic bodytype is reviled has to be number one: very alien.
number two: not very feasible at the moment, considering the structure of the majority of therian mammal pelves, tails and ankles with respect to their muscle and skeletal make-ups.

There _are_ falculative dinosaurimorphic bipeds among mammals, pangolins and certain armadillos.

From what is understood of archosaurs. The ur-archosaur was likely semi-aquatic, a falculative plantigrade biped. Later archosaurs divide along the crurotarsan(crocodiles and kin) and ornithodirans(dinosaurs and kin).

Among the crurotarsans, there was a huge range of experimentations with locomotion. Many were obligate quadrapeds, others falculative bipeds and a rare few seem to have been obligate bipeds.

However, the ornithodirans(specifically the dinosaurs) did some novel things. They radically simplified their ankles, attached leg muscles not just to the leg and hip bones, but also to their tails and torsos. They also rotated their pelves and radically extended them, as well as developing a full hole for the femural head.

Indeed, it seems that the ur-dinosaur was almost certainly an obligate biped.

You would need to advance a theory or plausible scenarios for why several independant lineages of therian mammals suddenly evolved into obligate bipeds.

It is possible to go with a crurotarsan/ornithodiran scenario, remember however, that crurotarsans and ornithodirans essentially exploded on the scene after the Permian mass extinction from one common ancestor and diversified over a 10 million year period into forms that essentially remained unchanged until the triassic/jurassic mass extinction 30 million years later.

Therian mammals also experienced an explosion of forms lasting some 10-15 million years after the cretaceous/paleogene extinction event until the arrival of the paleocene/eocene thermal maximum.

However, it is very telling that during the early years of the cenozoic, the _only_ potentially dinosauromorphic mammals known were the leptictids and even that's disputed on whether they were bipedal runners or saltators.

If you want to create a clade of bipedal, dinosauromorphic mammals, I would suggest armadillos. Several species are falculative, digitigrade bipeds. Fiddling with the hips, the ankles et. cetera would easily give you a sort of mammalian "ur-archosaur". create a mass extinction where only a few other mammals survive, rodents (which the the ur-sauromammal loves to eat) and a few other small critters and you've got a world where you can go wild with bipedal mammals.

A bonus, armadillos have evergrowing teeth that easily adapt to any sort of diet. They routinely add and subtract teeth in their jaw rows, thicken them, thin them, there's no rhyme or reason to it, they could easily become the new "archosaurs"

Just promise me one thing, don't let the archosaurs (crocs and birds) take over, their time as terrestrial overlord critters is done. Birds might survive for hundreds of millions of years as flyers. Crocodilians might not last out this Ice Age.

Therian mammals are too diverse, in too many niches to ever relinquish the earth to any other clade. Just the muroid rodents alone can be found on every continent (including antarctica now!) and most islands.

I would also suggest that monotremes either eventually croak or remain much as they are now. (Though I've entertained wild thoughts of multitudes of tiny arboreal echidnas as insectivores and pollinators)

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

That's a good idea about armadillos, though I don't know about them being without armor. The elephant shrews are versatile, they can switch from running on all fours to running bipedally. That's why I made them the ancestoral form for the therapeds and deinognathids and their relatives.

Metalraptor said...

Crocodilians and birds are more adaptable than one may believe. Birds are found on every continent, in a variety of niches. In fact, since the advent of humanity, about half of all large carnivores and herbivores in some areas are birds, instead of being almost exclusively mammal (outside of Australia) as before. Look at North America, before the largest carnivores were short-faced bears, dire wolves, saber-toothed cats, and such. The large herbivores were mastodons, mammoths, stag-moose, giant beavers, peccaries, tapirs, and more...essentially all mammals. Now, the dominant carnivores (outside of national parks) are hawks, eagles, foxes, raccoons, crows, and weasels...half of those are birds, and the dominant herbivores (once again, outside of national parks) are deer, turkeys, geese, and large rodents, half of those are birds as well.

Crocodilians are also a lot more adaptable than one would believe. While todays crocodilians are all sluggish aquatic carnivores, did you know that a group of hooved, warm-blooded, crocs that could actually climb trees (the mekosuchines) were around until the aborigines got to Australia? And that crocodilians have experimented with warm-bloodedness twice more in the Cenozoic, once with the sebecosuchians (who came in via the Mesozoic) and once with the pristichampsid. Eusuchian crocodiles have even experimented with herbivory, Chimerasuchus and Simosuchus from the Cretaceous were herbivores, and the modern American Alligator and some caimans will take fruit and foliage in their diet. Also, alligators are great at surviving in colder temperatures compared to other crocodilians, they are under little threat from humans, and they survived all of the previous ice ages fine.

Two last things. First off, it does appear that the leptictids were cursorial or a cursorial/saltorial mix. A study done by Kenneth Rose showed that if the one group of leptictids thought to have been permanent saltators, the pseudorhyncocyonids, hopped all the time, their legs would snap due to the constant strain. Secondly, muroid rodents are not found on Antarctica today. The closest thing Antarctica has to land mammals are the seals that come there to breed on the ice.

Anonymous said...
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