Welcome to my Metazoic site! This site discusses the existence of the creatures to come along after humans will be extinct. I first became interested in a world after man when I acquired my first copy of Dougal Dixon's After Man: A Zoology of the Future in 1992. However, I unwittingly created creatures that did not exist from the time I was about 8 years old. But it was after I obtained a copy of that book (now a collector's item) that I decided to take these same creatures I created as a child and make them more realistic in an evolutionary sense. Though it may be hard for a lot of us to grasp, humans will soon become extinct. One of the biggest factors of how this will happen is the current overpopulation rate. Which is why I don't contribute to the population. I created this world with little more than mammals fulfilling all ecological niches with the help of some friends. I even gave the era of the age after man a name, I called it the Metazoic, derived from the words for "After-era" (Meta, meaning after, and zoic meaning era). We are now in the Cenozoic era. To view all the animals I have created since I began this project, you can go to the "Meet the Mammals" section of this site. To discuss your own ideas about what you think will happen in the future world, and share your ideas with others, please feel free to leave a comment.
One more thing, some of you may find this site quite offensive, and you have a right to your own opinion. But please respect my right to have an opinion too. I'm not saying there is no GOD, I believe it was HIM who got the ball rolling. But I believe after that, evolution took over. There is so much more evidence of evolution than there is of creation. Even that going on right under our noses. Other than that, enjoy yourself and visit our many links.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

We Won!!!

I typed something similar to this on my Timmyfan blog, but I wanted to tell my friends here all about it. My sis Anna and I won the film-making competition!! We were one of the top 2 finalists, and I never even expected to get that close!!! But we were not only one of the top 2 finalists, we won first prize!! I said before that I wanted to take up film-making as a second hobby, this might just give me the confidence to do it. Out of ALL the people who entered, Anna and I won first place! They said our doggies were adorable and that I have talent. HA! I wanted to take this time to rub this in the face of one guy (he knows whom he is, LOL!) who thought I was crazy because I wanted to take up film-making. Seems only he thinks that. This is proof that I truly do kick ass!! LOL!! To my friends, forgive me for bragging, but I feel like the right to do so was already bought and paid for. So this is my moment. I didn't want to say anything earlier because I wasn't sure if we were going to get first prize or second prize and I wanted to be sure before I announced it. But first prize or second, I didn't really care! Just being one of the top finalists was good enough for me. Anna and I might even do it again next year. We were doing a bit of sketching on the way home and thinking of another skit to come up with using our babies.

Let me tell you all something about this guy, he would call Gordon Ramsay a dunderhead if he was trying to become a cook. That's the kind of person he is. Us normal people know Ramsay is a master chef, and a genius in his field. But like me, he tells it like it is, and doesn't sugar-coat anything. That's what I personally love about him. Now, I don't consider myself to be a master of future evolution, but I was probably the first after Dixon's After Man to come up with a world of the future. I have drawings, books, and sketches of these animals on my Metazoic site that are older than most of the people on the SE forum!! I was studying evolution while they were still suckling their mamas' breasts! Oh wait. I don't think they even did that. One of them has a classic symptom of someone who never breast-fed and hates the World because of it. So let's say, I was studying evolution while they were still drinking out of bottles. I wouldn't really even put myself in the same class as Gordon Ramsay. But my basic point is some people just don't like any kind of opposing views, and those people never learn anything. They just live and breathe that the whole World is against them. That sure is not me!!

Now, I know there are some good people on that forum, I am not attacking those people, the people I am attacking, they know who they are. And to this guy I was talking about before, he thinks I can never match his sarcasm. So I must say to him: don't EVER underestimate me! I can think circles around you and all your friends, and out-wit you at every turn!! And I wouldn't even have to use name-calling and cussing like he does. LOL! Name-calling and cussing is not true sarcasm, and they sure don't indicate intelligence! They are last resorts of a desperate person.

To my friends, I will not mention any names on here, as I don't think I have to. I am not afraid of getting into a "bitch-war" with this person at all! My track-record speaks for it's self anyway. I just feel some things needed to be said. Some people thought that just because I was gone that I would not be able to know what was being said about me, and I have mentioned this on my Timmyfan blog too. I don't know why, but people think that just because a person's back is turned or they leave a forum, that gives the other people the right to boo them behind their back. Cowards! So this is why I feel these things need to be said. But I promised one of my friends I would not mention any names.

Oh, and about the guy who I was talking about, don't worry about me. He doesn't even have a spine!! You should read what he did to Katrina on her blog. He banned her from his journal because she told it to him like it was!! LOL! WTG Katrina!!!!!

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