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Monday, August 3, 2009

Should I Or Not?

As you can see, I haven't posted much on this blog, I've been so terribly busy. Been 2 months since I posted anything here, and quite a while since I've done anything on my Metazoic site. So much has gone on in the past few months. I have been quite well rewarded now, I have a new little girl in my life, Minnie. She is the highlight of my being now. She's not a young dog but she still has a lot of good years left in her, she's almost 4 years old, and I think she came from a puppymill. She seems to never have lived in a house, and she's shy about being touched, even in a positive way. So I have quite a job ahead of me training her. She's a beautiful girl!! She's not a chihuahua like my others, she's a papillon, and an ex-breeder and I think she just had a litter recently because she is blowing her coat something fierce!!! It could be that and the fact that it was 100 degrees this past week at her old home in Olympia! Well, believe me when I say the summers here are cooler. Last week, while Olympia was experiencing 100 degree temperatures, we've been enjoying temperatures around 68-70 degrees. I love it here!!! I'm so glad I finally got to move out here. Well, I've had Minnie for 3 days now, and her shedding has lessened considerably.

Anyway, for the real reason I started this post. I'm debating whether to go back to the SE forum or not. I heard from another member and they want me back. That makes 2 people now who have asked me to return. But I am not sure I want to. I didn't enjoy it much the last time I was there, they seemed more interested in talking about video games than speculative evolution. And video games are not my thing. Then there is the thing about the owner being a jerk the last time I was there. That probably won't change! I'm usually a damn good judge of character, and I thought he was a good person, but he proved me wrong. He blows his top over minor little things, and I just won't tolerate it. What promise do I have he won't do it again? Ever since I left there, I've been trying to go for a change in personality myself, and if I go back, it'd be just as bad as if I were to return to the Pluba forums. To make a long story short, one of the most popular people on the Pluba forum is also one of the worst people I've ever met on the internet, and she is a manipulator who associates with people who hack into other people's computers. One of her friends hacked into an old Hotmail account I used to have, and she claimed she knew nothing about it. But I can tell you for sure, she DID!!!

Then there is the morale of the people on the SE forum. I'm not saying the people I still like on that forum are like that, but a lot of the people on that forum seem to have been led to believe JohnFaa and Viergacht are good people and I just don't agree with that. Right after I left, JohnFaa was still griping about me on that forum, and when I gave him the same thing on this blog, he shit his pants and went back to the SE forum and his own blog and played the martyr, saying to everyone that I hassled him first, which was totally untrue. And everyone there (except for the few sensible ones) believed him. And Viergacht is just a lunatic! Though Katrina and I have a $50 bet going with each other about how long it would take Viergacht to put me on ignore if I were to go back to the SE forum. She says he'll put me on ignore within the first day, I say within the first 5 minutes! hehe! I know his type, he acts tough online, but he couldn't handle Katrina, and he blocked her from his journal. She wasn't even mean to him, she just told it like it is! Really though if the majority of the people on that forum want to believe those two are "good" people and I am not, that's their business! But I don't trust them at all, and a forum that accepts loonies like those, I have no business being in there. Again, I'm a good judge of character, I have rarely been wrong, I know bad news when I see it.

I'll tell you, any time you hear a grown person hassling children, using the word "retard" or "retarded", or making fun of fat people, those are the types of people you know you can't trust at all! I know through personal experience. I've lived long enough to see a great number of those kinds of people wind up in jail---or in a serious court case at least, hehe. It's got nothing to do with the name-calling really. But it's the lack of morale those people have. And I don't want to go down that path of destruction again. I've toned down considerably since I met Metalraptor. I admit I have a long way to go, but I'm getting there slowly but surely. If I join the SE forum again, I'd just be throwing all that I've worked for this past year away. I made a promise when I decided to go for a change, that I wouldn't join anymore forums. At least not until I know I've changed and I can hold on to that more rational behavior. Though I know no matter where I go, I'm going to come across people I don't like or just don't trust that's just how humans are! But still... ya know.

My life has been so busy anyways, I've been doing things for the UMG Productions site, still planning a promotional tour. I just finished a book of more than 500 pages for the site, all about the different breeds of dogs. I've also been working on the same kind of thing, only about the different breeds of horses. Horses are my second love, besides dogs. I have a couple of horses, but they are currently living with Katrina, who has some acreage for them to run around and graze. I don't have that kind of acreage now so they cannot stay with me and I miss them!! I've never written a book about horses before. But I have written about 5 dog books in my life! The very first I wrote when I was in 5th grade, and I had just begun to study dogs. I also wrote one in middle school. Then I wrote one right after I finished high school. Then in 2000 I wrote one again, I printed it but I never published it. Then this year, I made an updated version of the book I wrote in 2000 and this time I did publish it.

Well, that all has been going on, and so has the deal with INXS--my favorite rock group. Seems they are in muddy waters right now and I do feel bad for them. But I remain loyal. When I really like something or someone, I remain loyal forever. I just hope this does not mean the end of INXS's career. Then I guess I must join the ranks of Beatles fans that still love them, but know they will never see them whole again. I don't want that to happen to INXS, and it does kinda worry me that it might. I mean, a lot of former fans have turned against them because of this new project they have been working on. I say let's see what happens first before we make any harsh judgments. I'm not giving up on them, and I'm sure they appreciate the fans who will always be loyal to them. In fact I know they do.
Anyhow, I don't think I will be returning to the SE forum. But anyone who wants to discuss speculative evolution with me or Metalraptor, please feel free to send your discussions to me here or through e-mail. Metalraptor knows a lot more than I do about this, but I can do a little bit of good speculation, based on what I know and what I have learned.

Anyway, for your entertainment, here's some pics I took of Minnie. She'll look a lot better once her coat comes in again. Once that happens, I think Minnie might be a good show potential! I was studying AKC's version of the papillon breed standard, and she's got almost all--except for the long, flowing coat!
I got Vegas in this one. You can just see him on the ground. He still hasn't got used to Minnie being here.


Canis Lupis said...

You should come back, if you can handle those two. I can't tolerate them, but yet I'm on the forum.

Anyway, Proletarian has resigned as the administrator. He's now just an occasional member who only posts in one topic: Diaries of a Speculative Bioligist (BTW, he's now a champion speciator called The Speculative Biologist).

Proletarian has relinquished administrative power to Parasky. And JohnFAa was demoted to a regular member after he flamed you on the forum.

Anyways, if I were you, I'd come back for maybe a month and test the waters. If you like the new environment, come back permanently. If not, we know where to find you. :)

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Parasky? I don't think I know him. Or I don't remember him. I actually remember very few people from that forum.

Anonymous said...

Oh please return ! Though you did ridicule my project(Im venatosaurus) I forgave you and Metal, and actually became internet buddies with him (though I haven't heard from him since June ! ) ^_^ The forums are less interesting now , but hopefully they'll get the pep the need, and don't worry , though I still talk to Faa and Viergacht, doesn't mean I share their opinion about you ;) So I welcome your return :)
Oh and your Papillon and Chihuahua are adorable ! I have a Chuhuahua myself, and I'm going to die without him in college, I just love him so much :D ! Glad to see we have something in common ;)

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Sorry about the ridicule Venatosaurus. I do love your carnivorous duiker, and I'd love to see what else your project yeilds. I especially felt bad ridiculing you when I found out you too are a chihuahua fan. I'd love to see pics of your dog. They are very addictive aren't they!?

Anonymous said...

He's actually a very common coloration, the white and tan, but he's so sassy,and creppy, and smart , I just love the little guy, he's a little on the strange side like me :D As for the future project, I stopped it as Im going to do an amazing alternate post KT earth full of dragons ! My sister and I would have loved to have gotten a female chihuahua, so my dog can have a little girlfriend, but my parents said one was enough, they didn't want to make the "baby" jealous :D
As for Dragons of the Ice Age , you may like it, though Viergacht may help me , so I hope his helping doesn't take away from the enjoyment factor :P

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

That's why I love chihuahuas, they're all a little on the strange side, and obsessed cuddlers. I used to breed chihuahuas myself and had a house full of them at one point. They adapt quickly to new dogs. I didn't think Vegas would like Minnie, because for all his life it was just him and Odessa, our other chihuahua. But he got to know her quickly and now they are inseparable.

About your project, I am sorry to see you've given up future evolution, but if you prefer working with alternate spec, that can be fun too.

As for Viergacht, well, I don't like him as a person, he's FAR too creepy for my personal taste. But if he is who you got to help you, that's a-OK. I'll just ignore his ideas. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I know, my chihuahua is practically my shadow, he follows me everywhere XD I may in the distant future, continue the future project, but for now, Dragons are on my mind :D And don't worry they'll be plausible (the wings are derived from Xianglongs rib-wings) ;) ! As for Viergacht, I don't know if he's on board, but he did a sketch of one of my dragons, the Peruvian Green http://fc07.deviantart.com/fs41/f/2009/042/6/c/Peruvian_green_by_viergacht.jpg

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Well, I'll be honest here. I don't like Viergacht, but that's not a bad dragon. Don't tell him I said so. hehe.

Did you see my little gliders? They too have rib-based wings. I personally think that's very plausible. Though I think a lot of people disagree with me.