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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Species Going Extinct From Climate Change?

I saw this article online, and I admit this is a few years old, but I'm going to write about it anyway. It says this animal was the first mammal to go extinct due to climate change. Unfortunately there is nothing now that can be done about climate change, it's a universe-wide process going on. But the Bramble Cay Mosaic-tailed rat (Melomys rubicola) is said to be the first mammal to go completely extinct due to climate change. Check out this article for complete info:


Bramble Cay Mosaic-tailed rat in it's natural habitat.
Now, this is just speculative. But Bramble Cay is an island off the coast of New Guinea, and is literally sinking into the ocean. I do not believe humans are responsible for climate change. We just accelerated it. You may bad-mouth me for saying this, lots of people do believe humans are the sole cause of global warming. But that is not true. It is proven now that all the planets in our solar system are going through the same thing. It happens like once every 10,000 years I think. If I am wrong, you can correct me. The island inhabited by these rats is barely 10 feet above sea level, and is not even 10 acres long. With the rise in the ocean's water level, the island is getting progressively smaller as it sinks, therefore the already limited habitat of these rats is shrinking even more.

The rodents were last seen and documented in 2007, but declared extinct in 2016 after attempts to trap more specimens failed.

We cannot stop global warming, but there are steps to take that we do not make it worse. One of the biggest things we can do is change our fuel source. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we should switch to using urine as a fuel source. It may sound funny, and if I remember correctly, the children on the SE forum laughed at me when I brought it up, but I was right! Cannot deny that. Scientists are already looking into switching to using urine as a source of fuel. It's clean, it's cheap, and does nothing to hurt the environment. Da Vinci logic!

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