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One more thing, some of you may find this site quite offensive, and you have a right to your own opinion. But please respect my right to have an opinion too. I'm not saying there is no GOD, I believe it was HIM who got the ball rolling. But I believe after that, evolution took over. There is so much more evidence of evolution than there is of creation. Even that going on right under our noses. Other than that, enjoy yourself and visit our many links.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fantasy or Reality?

Some people do not seem to be doing any research at all before creating a World of the Future! I was going to spare my blog all this misery until I got this in an e-mail this afternoon. Now, I simply MUST speak out!!! I cannot take it anymore! This is based on one person's vision of the future.

1. The family Canidae is extinct. I repeat, the family Canidae is extinct. Yes, even those adaptable little foxes, of whom many of which are considered pests today.

My response: Why would the canines go completely extinct? That doesn't make any sense at all! Even I have a canine-based family in the Metazoic. I call them "bear dogs", and they are actually descendants of foxes. And foxes are too adaptable to just die out!

2. Felidae and Hyenidae are gone. Despite Metazoica probably disagreeing with me, both families are highly diverse, and many of them are not endangered at all. (Even the aardwolf, though it is still probably doomed due to overspecialization)

My response: OK, who the f*** was it that kept griping on that forum because I kept insisting felines will go extinct in the Metazoic? And when are these morons going to start all that BS with this dim-wit for thinking that one up? I guess women get treated like outcasts even in forums!

3. Marine Bears....does this sound familiar to you, Metazoica?

My response: Yes, I too have marine bears in my project.

4. All of the kangaroos, wallabies, rat-kangaroos, etc. Never mind the fact that this group is highly successful despite placental invasion, and is actually more energy efficient than a lot of the animals that share its environment.

My response: Again, like the dogs, why would macropods be completely eliminated? This is a stupid idea!!

5. The hoatzin survives. While this is very likely, I just wanted to point out that it would be a true episode of hypocrisy if Faa doesn't jump on his buddy for this.

My response: To clarify, JohnFaa told Canis Lupus that the hoatzin will not survive, apparently jumping on him for thinking it would. But now this person is saying the hoatzin will indeed survive, and I'd be further interested to see if JohnFaa jumps on this guy for the same reason he jumped on Canis about this same subject! And yes Canis, IF you are reading, hoatzin are indeed the most likely species to become quadrupedal birds!! I wouldn't listen to what JohnFaa says, he doesn't know anything!!! Seems he only believes what he wants to believe, whether it is likely or not!

6. Primates are gone....yes, you heard me. Every single one, from the lemurs down to the great apes. Even though it is completely ludicrous that this would happen.

My response: That is not only unlikely and stupid, it's complete lunacy!!

7. Herpestidae and Eupleridae are the same, idiot

My response: Ditto my last response.

8. For some reason, there are Kermode Bear and Syrian Brown Bear descendants running around, despite the fact that the former is a variant of the black bear, and the latter is much more endangered than most of the other critters he has going extinct...

My response: and these people bad-mouth my project. I once told Canis something that I learned when I was younger. They who think they know everything, really knows nothing!

9. Perissodactyla is extinct, despite the fact that tapirs and horses have proven to be adaptable.

My response: Even I knew they are adaptable! Seriously these people need to start doing more research!! Otherwise how the Hell can they go around bad-mouthing my project when their ideas are less-likely than mine!!?

Oh! And the coupe-d'grace. This one is rich! One new member on the SE forum says that spiders and flies will go extinct. LOL!! Oh GOD!! That one is sheer and utter stupidity on display! But at least I can only say I wish it would be so. I hate spiders and flies! But it is highly unlikely they will ever go extinct. And buddy, you are NOT GOD!!! Stop thinking you are!! Seems this newbie is not only stupid, but delusional too. He (or she) seems to have a great deal to learn about future evolution.

In closing, this is what the e-mailer has to say about the so-called critics on the SE forum:

"Geez, and he makes fun of our projects. Well, you know what they say, people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

I concur! Another crappy BS forum full of idjuts that have nothing better to do than down other peoples' projects when they don't have enough brains or knowledge to create a believable world of their own! I'm glad I took the link to that forum down! I just could not recommend that forum to anyone who really wants to learn serious speculative evolution. If you want to learn how to create fantasy video-game-style creatures, it's great! But for serious (I mean SERIOUS) speculative evolution discussions, you'd better stay away from that forum!!!! I haven't been there since I said good-bye to Proletarian, not even as a lurker. Because I take the subject of future evolution very seriously. This e-mail came from someone who only goes in there for the entertainment value of the idiocy displayed on that forum. I won't go in there at all!! Not EVER!!

To my loyal readers, I usually do not get like this anymore. I'm trying to go for a change. But I just could not keep quiet any longer! I'm going to have to get this e-mailer to stop sending me this bullshit!! LOL!!

I guess though that I should feel honored they bash my project so hard! It proves that I kick ass!!


Anonymous said...

These people besmirch the name of speculative zoologists everywhere. I hope you and your friend Canis' message gets to the forum, so these idiots can get a cold, hard slap in the face.

I wonder what real speculative zoologists, like Timothy Morris and Paul Volkov, have to say about this.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I cannot speak for Tim or Paul, Paul comes in he can tell you what he thinks. I can only tell you what I think. I think those people are idiots! They are a disgrace to evolutionary science.

Anonymous said...

They certainly are. But I merely meant I wish I knew what Paul or Tim thought about this.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Maybe they will read this and answer.

Anonymous said...

If the creator of the Metazoic had only read the "newbies" evolutionary project, she would learn that the project is also a magic fantasy world with super advanced technology. It is not a true speculative evolution project, he intends it to be more of a novel.

Carlos Miguel Albuquerque said...

Bah, spare me of this nonsense. If YOU bothered to make some research...

On a side note: the hoatzin is too specialized to live any longer. Saying otherwise is like saying aadvarks have any future. Plus, you suck at classifying feliforme carnivorans.

Vai pra puta que te pariu, cabra do caralho!

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

"Bah, spare me of this nonsense. If YOU bothered to make some research..."

I've done my research! Have you? I doubt it.

"the hoatzin is too specialized to live any longer."

How so? More people I've met say they can go on.

"Plus, you suck at classifying feliforme carnivorans."

Maybe so, but I kick ass at kicking your ass. ;)

"Vai pra puta que te pariu, cabra do caralho!"

Same back at ya! It takes one to know one!

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

"If the creator of the Metazoic had only read the "newbies" evolutionary project,"

Why on Earth would I do that? I want to predict the future of real evolution! Not create fantasy video-game creatures! Not my style!

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

On a sidenote, you all will notice I did NOT mention the name of the person who thought this world up. And hey! If classifying feliformes is the only thing I suck at, Hell! I ain't worried at all!!! LOL!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Feliforme classification is something for professinional scientists. For now I will go with mongooses and euplerids being seperate. As for the "newbie" don't call him an idiot, you are 30 some years old, you should be more mature than that.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Sorry, but when one has had it, they have had it. These people are saying shit about me behind my back.

Anonymous said...

So, what’s a noise without scuffle? (joke)
Sorry, but I don’t visit SE forums – I think there is something wrong because it loads too slowly and computer buzzes for some minutes. Because of it I don’t know the reasons and the beginning of the conflict, but I see it burns too hot.
First of all I ask all conflicting sides to shut up and to stop the verbal combat. I may say about myself and about Tim Morris only one thing – we are not gods of speculative evolution. And we are not owning the Absolute Truth and the Only Correct Vision of the future world in write-the-number-you-like MY in the future.
Next, I strictly recommend to all sides of the conflict to study (or to repeat) the modern theory of evolution. Just try to re-read principles and rules of evolution. Of course, they are empirical knowledge and the extrapolation of them into the future must be done carefully. Next, the changing of the Earth is also the factor determining the course of future evolution. Visions may differ – just compare Dixon’s Earth map from “After man…”, Earth map from “The future is Wild” and from Paleomap project (there is also a vision of future Earth geography). You will see the difference between these maps, and, of course, the climate and the fauna of various regions of the Earth depends on geography. Because of this differency neither I nor Tim may NOT say: “you are right, and he/she is mistaken”. In this case we may ONLY draw attention to the non-observance of principles of evolution. And even this thing is a probabilistic one. In any case factors of environment may result in visible and seeming breach of the empiric rule.
In my forum now some interesting people appeared, and they brought their own ideas for neocene project. I will include their descriptions to bestiary, because these descriptions are “dry” and correspond to principles of evolution. First we discussed the probability of one or another phenomenon, and new descriptions appeared only after the discussion. Or we discussed the idea of new species before its describing – the features of its life, breeding, feeding, ecology and relations with surrounding (existing) species. I think the discussion is the better way to make new futuristic species, rather than verbal combat. Everyone must be able to resign an idea if it does not correspond to principles of evolution. I did it not once, and everyone did. We do not invent rules – the Mother Nature does. Trying to predict the future we must play according these rules.
And the last. Anonymous one, can you name yourself? If you want to make good thing, why are you hiding your face?

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Paul, this is exactly the kind of verbal combat exchange a person gets who goes onto the SE forum and disagrees with JohnFaa or Proletarian. They do not know how to discuss evolution without turning it into an out-and-out war. They are the ones who make it hard for others to learn without the threat of being bashed, so that was my whole point with this post, and as you can see, JohnFaa (apparently Carlos Albequerque) did not fail at proving me right. :) They're not diplomatic like you. Shoot they don't even make any sense!

In the past year alone I've learned more about evolution than I ever have in my life, but not thanks to the SE forum. I learned about evolution by watching television and reading more books about it, and I am rather proud of the work I did. I also learned a great deal from this anonymous e-mailer. He has helped me out a lot. But he helps me in a way that does not eliminate anything, and he doesn't cuss me out or speak from a high-horse. JohnFaa and Proletarian are exactly the opposite, and their theories of evolution are just plain stupid besides! And they get worse if you disagree with them.

As for the anonymous poster, it's OK. I allow people to remain anonymous if they want to. That's no problem.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say spiders and flies WILL go extinct. I said their extinct in MY world because I wanted it that way, and the evolution in that world isn't entirely natural . . . you really should learn to, you know, READ before you start insulting people, you snarky little bitch. But hey, it's much easier to wrap yourself in delusions of superiority.

Not that I expect this to get approved, since you strike me as the sort of person who deletes comments that don't prop up her ego.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

"Not that I expect this to get approved, since you strike me as the sort of person who deletes comments that don't prop up her ego."

Well, that shows how little you know about me. LOL! I post all comments unless the poster asks me not to. And thanks again for proving my point about people like you. LOL!!! ;) It's not MY ego I am worried about, but you should look out for your own reputation making comments like this.

Metalraptor said...

I assume this is Mr. Faa talking. LEAVE METAZOICA ALONE! Its me you want. Yeah, that’s right, I’m the one who has been talking to Metazoica about you. Do you know why? Because I’m fed up with you! You’re rude, crude, you yell at anyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion, and such.

Vai pra puta que te pariu, cabra do caralho!"

Don’t lord your speaking of the Portuguese language over us. If you want to insult us, say it to our faces.

“On a side note: the hoatzin is too specialized to live any longer. Saying otherwise is like saying aadvarks have any future. “

Hoatzin are not overspecialized. In fact, they are evolving into a niche that has yet to be exploited by modern birds, namely that of a ruminating herbivore. They are also very likely to survive and succeed. Firstly, the hoatzin is the only bird who can ruminate, making it able to digest tough plant matter better than other birds. Not only this, but it is incredibly common throughout its range, its conservation status is low risk (as low as you can go on the conservation status meter), it is actually avoided by the people of the region, saying that hoatzin will not survive is like saying raccoons will not survive. Aardvarks are specialized towards a certain foodstuff, ants, but hoatzin is not; they feed on leaves, an abundant food source. And history has proven that an animal in the hoatzins position can diversify and expand very easily. If an animal in the hoatzin's position were doomed to extinction, then our world would never have gotten past condylarths, phenacodontids, and hyracoids in the herbivorous mammals.

“Plus, you suck at classifying feliforme carnivorans.”

Well, you suck at classifying mammals in general! In fact, your overall knowledge of biology ranks just above that of a creationist in the accuracy meter. There are so many things you have said that are crap (and I've griped to Metazoica about so many of them). Oh, and also, you spelled feliform carnivores wrong.

By the way, Mr. Faa, there is a difference between offering suggestions and criticism and merely bashing one’s project. Take for example Metazoica and I. We disagree on many things, including the classification of felids; she believes that saber-tooths are divergent enough to be classified in their own family, while I believe that they are fine as a subfamily within the Felidae. However, I don’t go to her and say “you’re stupid or you suck because you think saber-tooths are not cats”. Instead, I state my position as calmly and kindly as possible, and give actual facts to block it up.

Mr. Faa, you are also a hypocrite. You insult people and say they suck, or they are stupid left and right, and yet you freak out when anyone criticizes you. I have been fed up with you for months, I have about FIVE PAGES of crap that I’ve noticed you do, including stuff that violates the rules of the SE forum. But do you know what? I don’t go posting it, because for one thing, I don’t want to become like you, bashing people left and right. In fact, I tried to give you a second chance, thinking “perhaps he just wrote stuff like this because he was having an off day”, but I am sick, and fed up with it. Let the record also show that neither Metazoica or I started calling you “a bitch”, you did first.

Finally Mr. Faa, you are a coward. You said you would wish to have a talk with me in the future, and Canis even gave you my e-mail. But apparently, you do not wish to talk with me face to face (and I would go on the forum and talk with you if my stupid computer would let me). Instead you hide on the forum, calling us nasty names.

Honestly, I would like to stop all this fighting, and get speculative zoology back to when it was fun. You know, when people created their creatures and people offered suggestions and criticisms rather than fighting each other and bashing each other.

As Paul just said...

“First of all I ask all conflicting sides to shut up and to stop the verbal combat. I may say about myself and about Tim Morris only one thing – we are not gods of speculative evolution. And we are not owning the Absolute Truth and the Only Correct Vision of the future world in write-the-number-you-like MY in the future.”


Metalraptor said...

Hey, Viergacht. First of all, Metazoica hasn't been getting her information on Caranoctia from the forum, she's been getting it from me. Secondly, I like a lot of the stuff about Caranoctia, like the giant geese and the ripper raccoons. Its just the webworms taking over from the spiders without an explanation that gets me a little confused. You know, maybe you could actually create a reason of why spiders and flies go extinct, one that makes sense, rather than just going around calling people a snarky bitch and being a real JohnFaa. They always say success is the best revenge.

And here's what I have to say to all of you; JohnFaa, Viergacht, Metazoica, all of you who are yelling at each other...SHUT UP! Seriously, you three make up, agree to disagree. Metazoica, maybe you are posting too many roasting blogs. Faa, don't get me started, but calling people bitches isn't the best way to go about criticizing things. And Viergacht, actually try to make yourself better, than tearing others down. All of you, however, also need to stop bashing each other's work, and yes, stop criticizing the newbie's work.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Right on Metalraptor!! You said it nicely! :)

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

"rather than just going around calling people a snarky bitch and being a real JohnFaa."

You're right Metalraptor. Let me be the first to apologize to Viergacht. I really do not want to turn this into a roasting blog (the roasting instinct is still implanted in me though).

Metalraptor said...

Actually, I loved a lot of Viergacht's concepts. I even sent him a fan letter telling him how great they were! (He never responded). In fact, I was going to suggest a scenario in which the spiders and flies could be wiped out by the "godpowers" and web-shooting insects could take over. The only thing I would suggest though is that they develop from bagworms, who also shoot webs but are not restricted to Australia.

Metalraptor said...

Oh, did some research, and Eupleridae and Herpestidae may actually be separate species due to genetic research. However, they are still sister groups, and Eupleridae may be sunk as Euplerinae inside Herpestidae. However, neither Metazoica nor I said that vivverids and malagsy carnivores were one and the same, as JohnFaa mistakenly said, but that mongooses and malagsy carnivores appeared to be one and the same.

Metalraptor said...

"who also shoot webs but are not restricted to Australia."

Sorry, that was a typo. Was thinking too much about kangaroos. Anyway, I meant they are native to Hawaii...

Metalraptor said...

"may actually be separate species"

Sorry, typo again (what is wrong with me today!). I meant to say families.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Eh! Don't worry about it. We all have those days. :)

Carlos Miguel Albuquerque said...

Fuck you! You are the inaccurate bitch and you insult us!? Fuck you worthless whore, because we the honest speculative evolution project makers don't lie as you do.

Vai pro caralho, cabra de merda!

Oh, and I'm JohnFaa, the guy who said hoatzins are doomed. Its true, due to their specialization.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

LOL! I love it when the inarticulate resorts to cussing and name-calling. And Metalraptor is NOT inaccurate! He has friends in science who taught him all he knows! YOU need to listen!

Metalraptor said...

Well, you know what they always say. When the opposing side resorts to swearing and cussing at you, you know that you have won the argument.

And you’re calling me inaccurate? There are many things that I have seen you talk about which are just simply not true, including...

1. There are no meiolanid turtles in Africa. The group was restricted to South America and Australia throughout its history, with genera like Niolania and Meiolania.
2. Cimolestans did not give birth like marsupials. First of all, many scientists, such as Kenneth D. Rose, classify cimolestans as basal Laurasiatheres or basal members of Ferae, which means that they would have certainly have given live birth. If they didn’t, that mean that live birth would have had to evolve at least four separate times amongst the placentals. Secondly, even if they do turn out to be near the base of the placental family tree (which appears unlikely), they would have still given live birth, as there is evidence that even some of the basal eutherians had some form of primitive live birth.
3. Voltaicotheres. Despite the fact that it would be cool, there is no evidence that Voltaicotheres became true fliers, spread around the world, or laid eggs. I have not seen anything that speaks to the contrary. Voltaicotheria is an order with currently a single genus in it, Voltaicotherium, which was a glider. Secondly, Voltaicotherium is part of the Allotheria, a group of mammals that are believed to have given birth like marsupials, not having laid eggs.

On the subject of the hoatzin, they are certainly not doomed. However, it appears that neither of us will budge on this subject, so I suggest we just drop it.

As for Viergacht, I apologize if I was too harsh in my criticisms of Caranoctia. I has accidentally assumed that you were trying to create an accurate version of the future, partly because the creatures you had created up until then had been so good and accurate (one of the best future projects I had ever seen). What also added to my confusion was I had thought that your “Evolution of the Centaurs” was part of the current version of Caranoctia, which confused me somewhat. However, I seriously doubt that you will forgive me, seeing how you have fallen into merely swearing at us like Faa has.

Perhaps my criticisms were a bit harsh, but I had been letting all of this frustration boil up inside of me for months. And of course I never mentioned anything to any of you because I knew you probably didn’t want to hear it, and would merely start swearing at me, as you are now.

I also wholeheartedly agree with Paul. There are many different ways to look at and imagine what the future will be like, and no one way is right. Just look at Paul’s Neocene, Dixon’s After Man, Canis’ The Future Is Bizarre, and even the Metazoic. Paul has crocodilians nearly extinct, Dixon has a world ruled by predatory rats, Canis has tetrapods eventually going extinct, and the Metazoic has a second major radiation of mammals evolving from elephant shrews. I do not agree with any of those, but I do not swear at them, merely try and suggest ways to make their ideas better and more accurate without changing too much. I also agree that discussion and debate are better ways to work on speculative zoology than verbal combat. All of this fighting has seriously put me off speculative zoology, and has almost made me want to leave the SE community altogether. (And I bet the next words out of Faa’s mouth will be “Good, you suck and are an inaccurate bitch, and don’t deserve to be around us” or some variant thereof with more swear words).

Finally, when I feel that someone’s idea may not be too accurate, rather than swearing at them, I present them with evidence and references, such as...

Kenneth D. Rose, The Beginning of the Age of Mammals. John Hopkins University Press, 2006
Zulma Gasparini, Leonardo Salgado, and Rodolfo A. Coria, Patagonian Mesozoic Reptiles. Indiana University Press, 2007

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Well Metalraptor, you have a gift that no one here possesses, not even me. You know how to talk to people in a believable sense. I mean, you can make anything sound believable. And part of that ability comes from you not bashing others or mud-slinging. I like that! I truly envy that characteristic about you.

Anonymous said...

As a neutral observer i say johnfaa got what he deserved. he was shit talking metazoica on the speculative forum and she was more than patient with him. i am glad to see metazoica finally fight back. johnfaa seemed to pester and bash her too much on the forum. and metazoica kept quiet the whole time. and its obvious she got sick of it and struck back. i applaud metazoica!

Anonymous said...

I don't like this. First of all, drama of any sort is bad, but internet drama is the worst kind. I'm not going to take a side in this fight, but JohnFaa is seriously overstepping his boundaries. I'm going top lock any more topics on the forums that deform into metazoica bashing.

Metalraptor said...

I agree totally with Sliver Slave. While I think Metazoica may have crossed the line slightly in insulting Viergacht (the things directed towards Venatosaurus were more based on how JohnFaa loves to criticize Metazoica, but refuses to criticize his friend Venatosaurus on his hoatzin and such, despite the fact that Faa has said numerous times that he thinks hoatzin will not survive. Disclaimer: I am not saying that Venatosaurus' hoatzin ideas are bad. In fact I was looking forward to his primate-analogue hoatzin and his indricothere-like deer, but he sort of Venatosaurus too went over the line in saying stuff like "I can't wait to get my scanner so I can draw my future animals and stick them in her face"), Faa and Viergacht crossed the line much further in the opposite direction, especially by starting to call the both of us “snarky bitches” and “f-ing inaccurate whores”.

And as for why Venatosaurus, Faa, and Viergacht keep complaining that we don't show their criticisms to their faces, there are separate reasons for why neither Metazoica nor I post them on the forum. For Metazoica, she is protesting the forum, and I for two reasons. 1...I actually tried to log on, but the stupid forum wouldn't let me validate my account. 2...I assumed you did not want to hear my criticisms and what I had to say, and would merely start swearing at me, like you have now, as I had mentioned above.

As for Paul, I know that neither you nor Timothy Morris are the "gods" of Speculative Biology, but is this honestly how a respectable speculative biologist should behave? While I don’t whole-heartedly condone how rough Metazoica has been with Faa and Viergacht, name-calling, swearing, threatening one’s life, and mud slinging are not acceptable substitutes for civil debate and discussion.

“Not buying it. I have an autsim spectrum disorder, and I don't accept that as an excuse. Does seem to have a severe narcissicism problem, though. And I'm sorry if this is your friend, Canis, but let's be honest, she started it with the childish name-calling. If someone has something to say, say it to a person's face.”

Sigh, I should have guessed you would do this. Oh well, last time I try to be the bigger person and apologize.

What I find odd, Viergacht, is that you didn’t say a word when I sent you a fan e-mail or two saying how great your lateovuls, brantas, and Dire Gluttons are, but you start throwing a bit of a tantrum and start swearing at us when we criticize one little aspect of your project. In factm if you had ever e-mailed me back, I had a suggestion on how you could make the webworms and fly-analogue bettles more believable without changing the plot of Caranoctia. But oh well, you’re too busy calling us retarded burrowing owls to listen to us. Shame, I was really excited to talk to you in civil terms one day.

In fact, I really liked Caranoctia, it was one of the better future world projects on the forum. When I saw the creatures, I was like “Eureka!” One of the things I really liked, for example, was how you didn’t fall into the old cliché of cats > big cat analogues and small canids > wolf analogues, and instead new groups developed from the surviving generalists. That was genius. But I doubt you’ll listen to this, seeing as you’re too busy being ticked off.

And Faa, Viergacht, just because you two are teenagers it makes it right for you to act like six year olds? I am probably younger than you are, yet you don’t see me swearing at you and such.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I have an autsim spectrum disorder, and I don't accept that as an excuse.

Oh so THAT is what Viergacht's problem is!! OK, so I cannot get mad at him anyway because he is indeed a sick person and needs help. And I hope he gets it.

As for us Metalraptor, I think maybe we should remember these words from now on:

"It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them. - P. G. Wodehouse"

Well, I never apologized to JohnFaa, and I never will because he DID start it!!! Despite what he thinks. But I hereby take back the apology I made to Viergacht yesterday because he is obviously the type that takes a mean advantage of it, as I figured he would too. LOL!

Anonymous said...

To Metalraptor:
I agree, conflicts are not best thing. I think so: rules are known, conditions are known. Just prove your opinion if you thin you are right. In discussion you may show your knowledge of laws and principles of evolution, and prove the right of existence of your newly created species. And the next main term is the ability to loose and to resign of the inevitable idea.
I ask opponents to be at least gentlemen and do not prove Darwin's theory by ape-like behaviour. I know primates can throw their dung to enemy. Don't do it in verbal form.


Anonymous said...

I was reading your forum, and then I decided to take a look at the SE forum that you were complaining about. There are a lot of good people on that forum, but I think you are right about Carlos. He is seriously obsessed over you. After Sliver closed down his bashing forum he just moved his complaining to other places. This is getting sad because the three of you (all of you) are really putting off newbies who want to do future and alternate evoltion.

Anonymous said...

To Carlos Miguel Albuquerque:
I want to see your apologizing to Timgal right now. She's a woman, and I think she's older, rather than you. Because of these two reasons you must do it, if you are brave man. In other case - think youself how will you contact with other people. I also can curse, and Russian language is richer in such words rather than English, but I think it is not a reason to show my linguistic skills. If you don't agree, just prove your point of view, and give other people to tell their opinions (incl. about you).

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Paul, thank you for your help and pointing that out. I always do enjoy your visits. You're a good person who debates in a very mature manner.

To anonymous, I'm sorry you are so thrown off this subject by those people on the SE forum, and yes, not to attack anyone, but indeed, Carlos and Viergacht are completely obsessed with me! But they wouldn't be the first ones! I have however moved on, and it's their own problem if they cannot get over it and move foreward. I agree there are some good people on SE, Sliver is one of them. So is Canis.

Metalraptor said...

Carlos isn't going to apologize. In fact he called Metazoica on the forum insincere. And he's still going around insulting people who don't agree with him.

Viergacht, if you ever do decide to come and read this post, I have a question. Why when Carlos insulted your quadrupedal birds you barely said anything, but when Metazoica and I talked about your flies and spiders, you cuss at us, swear at us, call us retarded, and do this over three separate places.

(And its not a "they", stop lumping me with Metazoica!)

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Nope, I don't know where they got the idea that you and I are the same! LOL! But as smart as you are, I guess I should say thanks to them.

As for me being insincere, well, none of my friends would agree with them.

Metalraptor said...

I also noticed that Viergacht thinks that I think I have a low opinion of him because in the small section of the apology post Canis quoted on the forum "However, I seriously doubt that you will forgive me, seeing how you have fallen into merely swearing at us like Faa has".

To clarifiy, I really wanted and hoped you would forgive me, but I considered that rather unlikely as you were too busy calling us "snarky bitches" on FurAffinity, the SE forum, and your own blog. So while I wanted it, you seemed to be too bitter about it to listen. Sort of like your own comment...

"Not that I expect this to get approved"

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

People like Viergacht think they know every person's soul, when really they do not. Don't let him get to you. He's not worth it.

Metalraptor said...

I know, but he's still smearing me on the forum a bit. Its annoying because while I know now that I will probably never be friends with him, no matter how hard I want to or how hard I try, it won't work, but there might be other people in the forum who might want to talk to me, and he's making my name mud (or at least wet earth) there.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

No, you're just a casual observer. He's dragging himself through the mud. Besides, no real person is going to care what he thinks! People who will want to get to know you will do so with or without his approval.

Metalraptor said...

Well, I know for sure now I couldn't become a full member of the forum, even if I wanted to, simply because Faa would hover over my every move, waiting for me to do something he doesn't like so he can either swear at me, insult me in portuguese, or...well, that last option is not appropriate to post on the internet.

Metalraptor said...

A man who drags a stick that has not poked him through the mud merely splatters mud against his own face.

Anonymous said...

No man if there is one thing tg is not it's insincere. i've known her a long time.

Metalraptor said...

Maybe I should just go join Philisophica Dixonia, at least they don't scream at each other there.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Well, I know the owner is a nice guy.

Metalraptor said...

Only problem is I have a google mail account, not a yahoo one, and my gmail has been rather good to me.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I don't think you HAVE to have a Yahoo account. I used to know someone who had an account with Bellsouth and was a member of a Yahoo group. Anyway, try it.

Metalraptor said...

Wow, 50 comments, this has got to be the longest comments page on the blog so far. Anyway, I'll look into it.