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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Amphibians of the Amazon

It's true. Some new frog and salamander species have been discovered in Colombia. I just figured this would be a great video to share, I found it yesterday. If you like frogs, as I do, you'd love this video. Personally, I think I like the glass frogs best of all. They are just so little and so cute and unique-looking! Perhaps in the future (if frogs have a future) these little frogs will become even more transparent. Who knows? That'd look AWESOME!!

I remember the days vividly when I used to "collect" frogs. I had all kinds of species. I had some red-eyed tree frogs, some monkey frogs, and several varieties of poison-dart frogs. The blues and greens were my favorites! But I also had reds and yellows as well. I think the poison dart frogs were my all-time favorite species to keep. Not only for the thrill, but also because they were the most active species. Most other frogs that you keep, just sit in one place until nightfall. That's because poison dart frogs are the only truly diurnal frogs.

Not only did I love keeping frogs, I also had lizards. Small ones mostly. Can you tell I love small things? LOL! I had mostly the smaller day geckos, longtailed grass skinks, anoles, other types of geckos, etc. I even had a big ol' tokay gecko! That sucker was MEAN!!!! But cute and funny! I remember he hated my dog, Andrew. Every time Andrew would go near the side of his terrarium, that gecko would lunge at him with his mouth open wide and I swear I could hear it hiss!! Andrew was always so curious of him, and he would always go near the side of his tank. And that would happen every time! I kept hoping that Andrew would get the message that the gecko just didn't want him near his cage, but he never did. To refrain the gecko from further stress, I had to work to keep Andrew away from him. I should have let the gecko have the run of my room! He'd have killed all the spiders. But he may have also attacked Andrew as I slept.

Anyway, here is the video:

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