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One more thing, some of you may find this site quite offensive, and you have a right to your own opinion. But please respect my right to have an opinion too. I'm not saying there is no GOD, I believe it was HIM who got the ball rolling. But I believe after that, evolution took over. There is so much more evidence of evolution than there is of creation. Even that going on right under our noses. Other than that, enjoy yourself and visit our many links.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Thoughts On The Year

It has been a long and very prosperous year! I've actually had fun!!! The best thing about the past year was all the new buddies I've made. As odd as this may sound too, I have also the people on the SE forum to thank! hehe! Like I told De, every time they have bashed me, something great has happened to me. When I left there, even though I left in a bit of a huff, I met Metalraptor and he has helped me considerably with my project. That was just the first in a long line of wonderful things to come. I don't know if the whole thing is coincidence, karma, or fate, but you can make of it what you will. The fact remains that every time the evil-doers on the SE forum have bashed me, great things have happened as a result. Other examples include:

1. JohnFaa called me a "fat whore" at the beginning of the year, and in this past year alone I've lost 40 pounds and still counting!!! I'm not even trying to lose weight! It's just happening!!! :) Fate? Coincidence? Who knows?

2. Viergacht and his dim-witted friends made fun of me because I entered a movie I made in a film-making contest. No sooner had he mentioned it that I won first prize!! It was AWESOME!!!!! I never even expected to win! I just entered for the hell of it. Good karma? Perhaps! :)

3. I'm sure there was some ridiculing of me on the SE forum when I was asked by a supporter to come back. I did think about it, but I decided against it. But as soon as I made my choice I heard from Dougal Dixon, who I'd actually written to several months before, and for a long time didn't hear from him, then I had all but forgotten I had written to him. Thus I never expected to hear from him. But I did! Only a few days after I made my decision not to go back to the forum, he wrote to me! The result was my interview conducted on this blog. :)

4. Most recently, after my interview, some of the people from the SE forum decided they would troll my guestbook on Metazoica. I just discovered their posts a couple of weeks ago, and not more than a week after I discovered their posts, I found out my favorite band will be touring the World again!!! I could not have received better news if I made it up myself!!!!! :) :) :) I thought they would never tour again! When I heard that I felt like a child on Christmas morning! Somehow, I am blessed!!

Those are just a few examples of things that have happened to me this year that has been so great. I'm not even really doing anything to bring about these good events. Well, the interview with Dixon I admit I did bring about myself. But I would NEVER have had the courage to write to him if it weren't for the people on the SE forum poking fun and telling me I am too delusional and all that jazz. Now, Dixon thinks of me as a friend, and I am honored!! :)

Of course my supporters do deserve a vote of thanks as well! They give me the encouragement to do something. But people like the evil-doers on the SE forum just give me that extra push to go for it! And I do!! They'll say I won't do something, I'll say I will, and it'll get done!! :) If for no other reason, for me to be able to rub it in their faces! hehe!! I actually love having people like that give me that extra drive. I say to the people on the SE forum, keep bashing me!!! PLEASE!!! Maybe I'll get lucky and meet Tim Farriss again during this tour!! hehehe!! Do me that favor! That's why I never feel insulted by the people on the SE forum. Because so far, all their bashings have meant something wonderful is about to happen to me!!

Like I said, I don't know if it's karma or fate, or maybe I am just blessed, I have NO idea! But I'm loving it!!! hehe! :) They always say it's always darkest before the dawn. Since my Groucho died, I've experienced a lot of months of darkness. Well, this past year, I've seen my dawn! Thank Goodness!!!

Well, I have made some changes and updates to the Metazoic site this past year, to put it in perspective, I completed several family groups. I've gotten a request to do the abbergant family next, so that will most likely be the next group I work on. As soon as I have a spare moment, I will be able to work on those. But it may be a while. Since I found out INXS is touring, I'd like to attend a few of their shows. Oh yes, and to those who made death-threats to me at the beginning of this year, the police and the FBI have your numbers, and if anything should happen to me, guess who's gonna get blamed first! ;) hehe!! Not only that, but you'll get to go to prison. Katrina and her husband will testify as well because they too saw the threats that were made! Threats are taken very seriously by everyone, even on the internet. That's why I never make any myself.

Also on the site, I made some size-charts I hope everyone can use. Of course the size charts depict the largest species in each genera. I haven't done anything for the smaller species. Like there are 5 species of Deinognathus, and they range in size from 5 feet tall to 25 feet tall. D. robustus being the largest. I was working on another one for the roos when my pen gave out!! Bummer!! So I had to go and get a new pen. But I've just been too lazy to work on any more. But they will get done! Believe me! The size-charts are in the form of a book, each titled with the family name. I also actually have fun working on those size-charts! So yes, I will be doing more of those this year. I discovered a few typos on the checklist, so I have to upload that again too. I'll get that done sometime today, I need to proofread before I turn it into another PDF. Sorry to those who got a copy of this list. I didn't know those typos were there!!!! Shows what happens when you are in a hurry! I also want to add a few more animals.

Some have said that I stole some of Dixon's creatures. Well, to put it as realistically and bluntly as I can, when I first created Metazoica, it was meant to be a continuation of After Man. Since I took some of the mammals from After Man, and added some species of my own to already existing genera, and also changed some of the generic names, it was too late to turn back and delete them from my project. But I am giving Metalraptor's ideas a whirl and tweaking them, rather than delete them, to make them more plausible and more of my own creations. But I cannot be blamed for the Phobogula resembling TFIW's snow-stalker! That was just a coincidence. I first created Phobogula back in 1994, when I first started this project. Back then I had it under a different name, but it still resembled what it looks like on the site. I just happened to add the snow-stalker later on when TFIW first aired in 2003 because of it's close resemblance to my already-existing Phobogula. That's the story behind that. So if anything, TFIW stole the snow-stalker from me! But I don't mind!! If Dixon wants to take some of my mammals from the Metazoic, I don't mind it at all. In fact, I would consider it the utmost form of flattery!! Heck! I even heard through the grapevine that JohnFaa stole my one-fingered flying foxes and I was even flattered by that! I don't even like JohnFaa!! hehehe! But just so everyone knows, I've had the one-fingered flying foxes in the Metazoica project since 1994 or 1995! So, there is no way I could have taken that idea from him! LOL! Just in case he tells everyone otherwise.

Well, my plans for next year hopefully will include more families completed on the site. That is IF I can find some time to work on them. I cannot guarantee the drawings will be better by then, this is just my style! Take it or leave it! If you don't like my drawings, I'm not twisting anyone's arms to look! hehe! My pictures are mostly meant to give the viewers a basic idea of what each animal looks like, therefore basically what the members of the families look like. Though keep in mind there is some variation, as even with modern families. But I try to depict the most interesting members of each group. That is, the species who look unique, or have some interesting character. These animals are the result of more than a decade of thinking, tweaking, evolving and RE-volving! Some with some help, some I prefer to keep the way they are. But mostly my goal is to have a World dominated by mammals. Just as the Mesozoic was dominated by dinosaurs. So I keep thinking up ways to make such a World plausible. I've taken some advice from Metalraptor, as well as Paul and a few others who have commented here. Plus some people I happen to know personally. I may not always accept advice right away, but as long as it's there I do think about it, and, if it doesn't require too dramatic a change, I'll act on it. That's how I work!

And for those who want to complain, there's still the donation button on the Home page! I always said when the negative people pay for my site, then they can complain! Now is your chance to do so! I pay money for my site! It's not like it's a freebie forum or a freebie DeviantArt site! This is the REAL thing!! If you want to gripe about my site and what I put on it, you can give me money! Otherwise, you have no right to complain! And I'll basically just laugh at you.


De said...

I didnt know there was a 5 ft tall Deinognathus specie. Though if I would keep any of them as a pet I would get Deinognathus robustus as a pet and feed him fig newton bars and call him Mr. Huggles!

Ohh questions

1. What did the Rabbucks die from at 30 MYA

2. What did the earliest Deinognathid look like

3. How big are the Baleen Bats?

4. What do the Zouphons look like?

5. What a Spathodon do if it saw a Castosarchus?

6. What antelope survive the extinction event that ended our world and what was the biggest animal that survived?

Ohh and happy holidays Timgal

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Fig newton bars? Oh my, not a great idea to be perfectly frank. An animal that feeds exclusively on meat would not be able to handle that for long. But anyway, to answer your questions:

1. Rabbucks would be outcompeted by things like deer.

2. The earliest Deinognathid would be Myailurus (There's a nice Deinognathid pet that would enjoy fig newton bars!)

3. The largest baleen bat has a wingspan of about 11 feet.

4. Much like a wolverine with longer legs, a longer neck and a fox-like tail.

5. A lone Castosarchus it could overpower. But a couple, a Spathodon would have to treat with respect.

6. Small antelopes, like the suni. The largest animal to survive probably would be foxes. Though I also think horses would have a fairly good chance.

Happy Holidays to you too De.

De said...

Fine I would feed the Deinognathus some horses or cows or something.

Here is a few funny questions (I saw an evil guy named John Fa or someone back on a blog here a few months ago)

1. what would a Deinognathus do if it saw that John Faa guy.

2. If I brought a Deinognathus to school what would the kids do and what would the Deinognathus do?

3. What would a pack of Castosarchus do if they saw a Deinognathus?

4. What killed the Bantz and such at 40 Myam?

5. Do the deer in the Metazoic have complex antelers and how do the Coursing Rats and antelope coexist.

6. What is the top predator of San Diego island?

7. What would a Deinognathus eat if it were introduced on the plains of Africa of our age?

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

LOL! I love this set of questions. I'll try to answer them without any prejudice.

1. Most likely eat him. But I dunno. Faa may be too sour to swallow. Deinognathus would probably spit him out and leave him to scavenging bats. (OK, so maybe there was a bit of prejudice in that answer, lol!)

2. It would depend on if the animal is used to people. As for the kids, you might get mixed feelings.

3. A simple pack might run. But if there are cubs to defend, they might stand and fight.

4. Out-competed by antelope and therapeds.

5. Yes. And coursing rats and antelope coexist by either 1. living in different environments. 2. being more nocturnal than diurnal. Or 3. each one benefiting from the other in terms of feeding habits. Antelope tend to feed more on short grasses, and coursing rats favor the higher stems. But it also depends on the range.

6. Terromala, the Damarundi.

7. Anything it wants to. :)

De said...

1. If a Wild Deinognathus came onto the set of the music video Evacuate the Dance Floor what would the singers do?

2. What would happen if Deinognathus started hunting in packs?

3. What does Terromala look like and what did it evovle from?

4. If a Deinognathus say a Terromala what would it do?

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

1. LOL!! I'd think the singers would take a hike. However if it were INXS, I'd personally save the guys myself. hehehe!

2. It already does in my book. But only occasionally and only in female-female or female-young packs. Males are loners.

3. Terromala is a deer-like deinognathid, and it comes from Ictocamelus.

4. Deinognathus could definitely whip Terromala. :)

De said...

More questions

1. Why would a Deinognathus need to hunt in a pack they are the biggest predator on Earth.

2. If you introduced Metazoic antelopes on todays plains of Africa what would happen?

3. Would Metazoic Deer outcompete the deer of today.

4. What do Sprinting Deer look like.

5. Which Megaladorcas specie is shown under antelopes, the southern gigalope?

6. What does the Earth look like 5 Myam and what big animals are their at the time?

7. What lives on the Pacaus Islands?

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

OK, here's some more answers:

1. To be able to hunt the largest of all land mammals.

2. They'd probably out-compete modern antelope.

3. Most likely yes.

4. Kinda like white-tailed deer in form, only a bit more slenderly built.

5. Yes. I actually like the name "Gigalope" better.

6. Not too much different than it does today. The largest mammals then would probably be comparable to the size of a house cat. But then again, like I said before, horses may have a good chance of survival too, making them the biggest mammals of 5 MYAM.

7. Small mammals mostly. The largest animals would be some bats and reptiles.

De said...

Thanks and some more

1. I saw on the checklist Fishing Feresa is that a spinosaurus like deinognathid

2. How big is a Deinognathus at birth?

3. I saw to different descritions about the Shrubuck one says they look like deer while the other like giant elephant shrews.

4. What is the largest ocean animal of the Metazoic?

5. Why dont you have deer evovle from Whitetail deer they are extremly adapatble animals.

Anonymous said...

Well, that is your choice. You can go on pushing good people away from you, or you can accept that your only quarrel is with a small minority of the SE forum.

I like your work, regardless of how plausible or not I think it is, but all this SE bashing is headache-inducing. Can't you finally just give it a rest, or at least refer to the people you are complaining about specifically (which would be right anyway) instead of the whole forum as one collective entity?

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Well, I'll answer De first. Sorry this is rather late, I've been cooking and cleaning all night long.

1. Except for the sail-back, I'd say yes. It lives near the river and fishes for it's food.

2. They are about 150 pounds at birth.

3. Basically both are true. I personally think elephant shrews look like miniature deer or antelope.

4. I think it's Megalophoca.

5. I probably would have if I'd thought of it before. Then it would make better sense for their range to extend into Asia as well as South America.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Now for the other anonymous poster. Sorry you have felt I have attacked you. I always assumed those on the SE forum that I talk about, good and bad, knew who they were. I never felt the need to name names much. Specifically, when I talk about those being bad news, basically I mean JohnFaa and those who support him. I have no idea who those are, as I haven't been in there since last January. But you know what they say about birds of a feather, etc. No more than 3 weeks ago, I noticed someone, I believe them to be JohnFaa and his supporters, trolled my guestbook on my Metazoic site. Which led me to apply a donation button to my site. I always said when they paid for my site, THEN they can complain. That's perfectly fair! Like those who voted for Obama I always say cannot complain, because he was bad news before he even took office! The signs were all there, they were obvious to me, they should have been clear to everyone else! But anyway, my friends know (or they should know) I don't mean to group them into the realm of bad entities on the SE forum. But no, the good people I wouldn't push away. Just those who are bad news. I don't really even care if someone doesn't like my site. That's not how I judge anyone. But JohnFaa doesn't like anyones' ideas but his own. He's no scientist, though he seems to think he is, and he is not a good person. Just seems that the small minority I have the beef with are taking over fast. And I am still kicking myself for thinking the forum owner was a good person when he wasn't! One of those few cases were my instincts had failed me! But hey! I'm not even angry! As you have read, every time JohnFaa bashed me, something good came out of it! *VBG* With absolutely no effort on my part!!

Lemme rephrase: Something WONDERFUL!!

BTW, if you'd like to see it completely narrowed down, there is a little film I did on this blog under the post titled "Felines, why they are doomed". There I completely narrow it down to who all I am referring to on here.

I am glad you enjoy the site! Keep watching for more updates this year. I'm even thinking of doing some more animated films, now that I know how to install them.

De said...

Horay, animated films I loved the Mylarius calling one and more updates :)Yaaa!!!

Though it appears that something is wrong with the SE fourms I decided to look for shites and giggles and it is down.

Lol I remember that there were some projects where antelopes and deer were extinct yet them along with pigs and horses are the most adapatable large animals around.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I'm glad you enjoyed them. I am currently working on one more dramatic than that. ;) Taking a long time, but once it's done, it'll be worth seeing.

De said...

Maybe the video is a Deinognathus killing its prey or maybe a herd of antelopes getting chased down by a Spathodon.

Lol on "Felines and the reason they are doomed" video. You said that Faa guy shits on your project what would happen if he took a dump on a Deinognathus(sleeping) and the Deinognathus woke up.

And what other major mammals are there on Batavia besides bats and those manatee shrews

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

If he were to see a wild Deinognathus, and get close enough to take a dump on it, Deinognathus would still see him as prey.

Well, let's see, there's mongooses that evolve into larger predators. Bats that lost their wings and become grazers. Though I admit I need to work on those. One of my friends suggested I keep their wings, and make them hop like grasshoppers. I'm thinking about how to work that in.

De said...

I noticed Night stalkers exist 20-55 MYam then the other flightless bats at 40-60 Myam. What did Nightstalkers eat from 20-39 Myam.

I noticed that there a two mystery animals in After Man there is a rat like animal that the Sloth Bat is attacking and there is an unknown specie of Rabbuck that the Nightstalkers are killing.

I have an idea maybe the their could be a tapir like bat on Batavia descended from the Proboscious Bat

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I was thinking about eliminating the night-stalkers altogether. The sloth-bat I recreated to feed on leaves. The rabbuck, I simply would have made out to be Cryptopterus.

As for the tapir-like bat, that is a good idea.

De said...

I have a good idea for more bats on Batavia like maybe a flightless coyote sized vampire bat descendent that lives in the canopy and pounces on prey from above that slices the preys jugular with their slicing teeth.

Or maybe a fox like relative of Acronurus that searches for sleeping prey at night.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Those are good ideas too. Of those, I favor the vampire bat idea, as Acronurus is a leaf-eater. I'd have to figure out how to work those into the ecosystem. Perhaps it may be possible, because the main predator of the canopy (Cercomoloch) is a diurnal animal. This one may hunt the night to avoid competition.

De said...

More flightless batty ideas(:

How about a fishing bat descendent that hangs on branches right above rivers and like the sloth bat from dixon and grabs fish out of rivers.

Or maybe a Hammerhead bat descendent that has a thing like a hooded seal for mating displays.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I like those ideas too. I had actually thought about a fishing bat, but discarded the idea before because I already had Alceona. But for the islands, that is a good one!

Sliver Slave said...

I'm seriously starting to get annoyed by both sides of this scuffle. I haven't been on the SE forum for quite a while for unrelated reasons, so I can't comment about that, but this blog seems like its more about you and JohnFaa's e-fights than about Metazoica.

God, I can't even remember what started this fight. Was it cats? Something about cats.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

It was JohnFaa talking shit about me behind my back, and then getting all surprised and annoyed because I did the same back at him on here.

But don't worry. I'm through with that. I've already stated this year that I was going to work on my attitude a little more. Heck, maybe I'll restart the family of the week thing again. As soon as I am not so busy anymore.