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Monday, January 19, 2009

Bipedalism, the Benefits Outweigh the Risks

Well, life goes on, and my life is NOT the SE forum!! Anyway, this is something I got in an e-mail tonight it's about the benefits mammals could have by developing bipedalism. Most of this stuff I knew all along, which is why I made the mammals of the future becoming bipeds. Basically it is bipedal animals that take over the World. And this is what I wanted in the Metazoic, I wanted a world dominated by mammals. Not man. Anyway, these were the benefits listed in that e-mail.
  1. Bipedal animals are more energy efficient than quadrupedal ones.
  2. Being bipedal frees up the hands for a myriad of uses, whether it be for catching fish, striking prey, or climbing trees.
  3. History has proven that animals, once bipedal, tend to be adaptable...just look at dinosaurs, macropod kangaroos, leptictids, pseudorhynco...whatevers, and hominids
  4. Bipedal animals can rear up and browse on vegetation out of reach of their same sized but quadrupedal contemporaries
  5. Bipedal animals can look over underbrush or tall grass and spot predators and/or prey
I say, looking at all these, that it is not too far-fetched for mammals to become bipeds, and this explains why.

Speaking of my early bipeds, I completed another size-chart, the therapeds. Go to our site's Size-Chart page and click on the Therapedidae. It's 2 pages long.


Metalraptor said...

There are even more benefits than I mentioned here, and in fact there are benefits to adopting a theropod-like stance vs. a hominid-like one.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

If you ever get the time, list them.