Welcome to my Metazoic site! This site discusses the existence of the creatures to come along after humans will be extinct. I first became interested in a world after man when I acquired my first copy of Dougal Dixon's After Man: A Zoology of the Future in 1992. However, I unwittingly created creatures that did not exist from the time I was about 8 years old. But it was after I obtained a copy of that book (now a collector's item) that I decided to take these same creatures I created as a child and make them more realistic in an evolutionary sense. Though it may be hard for a lot of us to grasp, humans will soon become extinct. One of the biggest factors of how this will happen is the current overpopulation rate. Which is why I don't contribute to the population. I created this world with little more than mammals fulfilling all ecological niches with the help of some friends. I even gave the era of the age after man a name, I called it the Metazoic, derived from the words for "After-era" (Meta, meaning after, and zoic meaning era). We are now in the Cenozoic era. To view all the animals I have created since I began this project, you can go to the "Meet the Mammals" section of this site. To discuss your own ideas about what you think will happen in the future world, and share your ideas with others, please feel free to leave a comment.
One more thing, some of you may find this site quite offensive, and you have a right to your own opinion. But please respect my right to have an opinion too. I'm not saying there is no GOD, I believe it was HIM who got the ball rolling. But I believe after that, evolution took over. There is so much more evidence of evolution than there is of creation. Even that going on right under our noses. Other than that, enjoy yourself and visit our many links.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Truth Bites!

I didn't want to turn this into a roasting blog, but I must say something to Proletarian and JohnFaa on the Speculative Evolution forum. I heard from the anonymous e-mailer who told me they are talking shit about me on their forum. Well, this person made some pretty good roasts. One of the things that was brought up is how big a hypocrite Proletarian is. I have actually witnessed him talking out both sides of his mouth several times on that forum. I remember when I joined that forum, he said he is a fan of the squids on TFIW, then when he and I got into it with each other on the forum, I said anyone who believes in walking and monkey-like squids can surely believe in bipedal, carnivorous deer. I even wrote about that on this blog because that is what he said! Then he got pissed and totally denied he ever said he believed in those stupid squids from TFIW. Then when I left one of his arguments at me was that he does indeed believe in the monkey-like and mega squids from TFIW. Like I said, he talks out both sides of his mouth! Well, this was the response I got from this e-mailer:

"He talks out of his mouth AND his ass, which is his mouth, since he is a deuterostome."

In case you didn't know, a deuterostome is a creature who eats and excretes feces out their mouth. Like starfish. JohnFaa is apparently no better. This e-mailer told me some things about Mr. Faa that I had no idea was so! And scary things I might add. But he says that those two are the main reason he refuses to join the SE forum. I am even thinking of taking the link off this blog because they act so childish there. I sure do hope Proletarian takes my advice and finds a good woman and gets married. But then again, maybe he has tried and his attitude has made girls only want to stay away from him. So he'll always be living in his parent's home, eating potato chips, scratching his behind, and sitting in front of the TV playing video games and throwing the F-bomb at everyone on his forum who will not steer to his opinions. I really feel sorry for him!

Apparently JohnFaa is as big a hypocrite as Proletarian is. Probably will always have the same path in life, just sit in front of his TV set, playing video games, munching on frioles and scratching his behind! I feel sorry for him too.

You know, I really like this anonymous poster. You know why? And I hope Proletarian and JohnFaa are reading! First of all, I like how he approached me. He doesn't cuss (assuming the person is a he) and he says things in a way that he doesn't bash or sound like an idiot! Something Proletarian and JohnFaa should learn about. This e-mailer is very convincing because of that. He made me see that I needed to change my harsh attitude. None of my other friends ever told me that! That's another thing I like about this e-mailer, he's very upfront and honest. And you know how convincing he is? NOBODY has EVER been able to convince me to add felines to my Metazoic project, and I mean N-O-B-O-D-Y!!!! In the 17 or so years I've been working on this project! I always stood pretty firm on that. But this person was able to talk me into it first of all again, by NOT bashing my project or sounding like an idiot. Second, by finding a way to integrate them into the era so they are taken over by Deinognathids, a group I refused to give up because I wanted a World dominated by mammals. It's all about finesse. If you have none, you won't get through. So now I am working on my site and making the animals much more believable.


Canis Lupis said...

I'm Canis Lupis on that forum. I've got my own future project (TFIB. Go check it out), but I'm not advertising.

Anyway, that anonomous e-mailer is my "silent" partner (silent in that SE doesn't know a thing about him (yes, he is a he)). And you are right: he is convincing.

Everyone else on that forum is not as bad. But JohnFaa and Proletarian are the worst.

JohnFaa and I are actually in a heated debate of your project (I'm supporting it by the way). Right now, we are talking about the bats and mammalian bipedalism.

How do I show JohnFaa his ways without getting completely banned from SE?

And I've got a question about Metazoica (not a critique): why did you make the "flying lemurs" have ribbed wings rather than gliding membranes? Cause I honestly don't know why ribbed wings would be more effective than gliding membranes (they both accomplish the same task).

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Maybe you'd be better off getting banned from SE. I know I would. I've been thinking of going in there and doing shit to them just to get them to ban me, but I always talk myself out of it. Because I'd be lowering myself to their level.

Thanks for your support! I do appreciate it.

As for the flying lemurs, I gave them ribbed wings because it's better than the gliding membrane. The gliding membrane would make them slower climbers. Besides, this is more advanced. Gliding membrane, in a sense, is very primitive.

Just tell JohnFaa he is a hypocrite and be done with it.